Drummond Island - Where vacation adventures begin and memories are created.

The home sits alone in an 8 acre parcel of woods.  There is a long driveway through the woods to get to the vacation chalet.  The drive is located along Pine St in the Island Settlement in the heart of Drummond Island. The vacation home sits within the tree line.  The path from the home to the water brings you to an open field. There is a bonfire pit along with an open area for playing sports activities.  The land slopes down to the water where there is a beach area to sun bathe  in.  The shallow water is perfect for swimming, catching crayfish or kayaking.  Fishing is also a big attraction.  Late June- mid-July is great for Cisco (Herring).  August is also peak Pike Season.  Small-mouth Bass, Walleye, and Perch are out there just waiting for  you and yours.  Get in the boat and explore the depths. 

Biking and roller blading are allowed on the side of the roads.  You are within walking distance of the church, community center, post office, library, basketball court, tennis courts, school playground, museum, and Water Street Café.  There are two golf courses on the island - The Rock and the Township Golf Course. 

Day trip destination attractions from the island include:

Mackinac Island
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum & Whitefish Point Lighthouse
Oswald Bear Ranch
Soo Locks
Kewadin Casino - Hessel
Seney National Wildlife Refuge
Tahquamenon Falls
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Suggested destinations and sites on Drummond Island:

Prairie Smoke Flowers on the Maxton (Alvar) Plains
Fossil Beach and The Ledges
Warners Cove and Pudding Stones
Big Shoal Bay
Kayaking up river to First, Second, Third, Fourth Lakes
Kayaking amongst the islands of Potagannissing Bay, including Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge
Quad Trails and Turtle Ridge ORV Park
Jeep Trails
Hiking to Marblehead and Pilot Harbor

Prairie Smoke Wildflower
Drummond Island Pudding Stone


Prairie Smoke Wildflower

Drummond Island Pudding Stone


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